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Macoma capital is an opportunistic private equity firm that uses a disciplined, nimble approach to investing. Through a rigorous and consistent process that spans asset classes, sectors, and investment types, we identify private investment opportunities with potential for attractive risk-adjusted returns in less-efficient markets that are often overlooked by institutional investors.
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Who We Partner With

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A Long-Term Partner for Sophisticated Investors

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We are committed to delivering superior risk-adjusted returns for sophisticated investors who are looking to form long-term partnerships with our firm. With each potential investor, we take the time to explain our patient, disciplined approach to uncovering opportunity.


We have found that our approach is particularly well suited for investors who:

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Through a patient, disciplined approach, we are committed to delivering superior risk-adjusted returns for investors.

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  • View opportunistic investing as an important, low-correlation component of a portfolio
  • Seek to commit capital to managers who do not face pressure to deploy capital according to predetermined timelines
  • Have a passion for the process of investing and enjoy learning about the mechanics of the investments we make

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